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After the article about “How important of the Conversion Rate with a website selling online?”, the problem of the Conversion Rate, the more you want me to write more about how to increase the Conversion Rate .

There are many ways to increase the Conversion Rate, if you are a user who actually understand , understand your products and your website to understand how it works , you can adjust this index . The content articles below are just issues that need attention in order to increase the CR . Invite your reference .

 1 . Interface Design

The interface design is the first impression when customers visit your website . An interface with gaudy colors , eye aches , confusion layout will cause users to skim and close the window immediately , this will make the bounce rate and high rate of course, the Conversion Rate will be extremely low .

  • An interface is considered to be achieved when it ensures the elements :
  • Color harmony , there are highlights , not to exceed 3 colors to express the design , use monochromatic colors , limited use of gradient effects , 3D
  • Simple layout , trying to show simple text format
  • Font regulations , only 2 font size for the display of the title and content , so bold or italic passages should be noted , too much style to avoid abuse .
  • These links , buttons should be clear , easy to press and not confused with other components of the website
  • Optimal Call To Actions button

Conversion Rate Magento One Page Checkout

Demo optimum design according to the criteria above Conversion Rate

2 . Information Content

Customers often lack confidence in the quality of goods , products and services . Therefore , the information content must be clearly described , accurately , ensuring adequate supply the following information :

  • Real image of the product ‘s perspective , if it please upload more video product introduction
  • Transparency of information derived origin of goods .
  • Warranty information , change delivery
  • Information of product features , in addition to posting the outstanding feature needs to state what restrictions are to increase the objectivity and transparency
  • Price and shipping costs must also be displayed , avoid the following when customers do a lot of manipulation to order , canceling the last step because customers see shipping charges too high, causing doubt and feelings no sense of transparency.

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